Author : Mark

Date : Jan 03,2023

Influencer Logan Paul first remained silent over the hoax and rug claims

The community has discovered what appears to be a new NFT scam, and this time it involves Logan Paul's CryptoZoo NFT. To be clear, Stephen "Coffeezilla" Findeisen of YouTube has examined the NFT game CryptoZoo. The NFT game, in which players purchase zoo coins to put on NFT eggs that develop into animals, has generated plenty of criticism due to issues including bots, failed mint transactions, and the usage of Photoshop stock photos. At this point, Coffeezilla claims that the game was never even playable. Let's examine the CrytpoZoo scam allegations against Logan Paul.

CryptoZoo: Is it a Scam?

CryptoZoo has previously been referred to as a fraud. Sadly, some investors suffered seven-figure losses, and CryptoZoo did not make up the difference. The nft initiative was dubbed a Rug Pull by even blockchain investigator ZachXBT. Despite user spending up to $500,000 USD on the game, recent claims made by Coffeezilla claim that CryptoZoo has never actually been in a playable state. Additionally, the native cryptocurrency, called the Zoo Coin, had a pre-launch market cap of nearly $2 billion. The shortcomings of the game have also been discussed by a CryptoZoo player. It is revealed by "Helicopter Bob" that you cannot get your zoo coin yield. On the day of the debut, according to this user, yield was inoperable. Even now, it still doesn't function. Investors poured money into CryptoZoo as a result, but they were unable to get their money back.

Logan Paul's Comments on CryptoZoo

Influencer Logan Paul first remained silent over the hoax and rug claims. As a result, many people think he's given up on the endeavor. Logan Paul did, however, solely use his comments to place the blame for the errors on a third party. According to Logan Paul, a developer held the game code hostage for a $1 million ransom. So, Coffeezilla looked into this assertion. The developer was contacted by the YouTuber. The developer claims he held the code hostage because Logan Paul owed him money for the team's work on the game, however he does not explicitly deny taking the code.

Paul has responded to Coffeezilla's exposé following this admission. The report, according to Paul, is "just not true." According to rumors, Paul will spill the beans in the upcoming "Impaulsive" episode, airing on January 3. "Bad actors will be identified, explained, and held totally accountable," claims Paul. Paul and Coffeezilla, the two parties in this drama, have both invited the other to appear on their respective shows. There is still no planned gathering of the parties.