Author : Mark

Date : Jan 10,2023

The Moonwatch "Mission to the Moon" model, which resembles the first Omega Speedmaster

Many people are unable to obtain MoonSwatch due to its great demand. A For Exhibition Purposes Only (FEPO) watch fan club is leveraging NFT to close that gap only a year after its start.

From various walks of life, NFT innovators have risen with a variety of artistic endeavors. The best illustration of this would be the fan club for the For Exhibition Purposes Only (FEPO) watch.

The Moonwatch "Mission to the Moon" model, which resembles the first Omega Speedmaster, was purchased by a user and launched into orbit.

The watch reached a height of 33,560 meters, which is sufficiently close to the Karman line, which delineates the boundary between Earth's atmosphere and space at 100,000 meters. The camera on the watch could also make out the darkness of space beyond and the curvature of the Earth.

The photographs the camera that was sent with Moonwatch took documented the clock's return to Earth. Then, 960 five-second segments of this movie were clipped and converted into NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

These NFTs are currently available for 0.03 ETH (£32.54 at the time of writing), which, more significantly, buys you the actual five-second video clip. The clip also functions as a raffle ticket, giving its owner a chance to take home the moonwatch.

The Moonwatch, a bold orange Molequin watch strap, will be given away in the raffle. On January 31, FEPO will choose the winner at random. Like other NFTs, video clips purchased with NFTs can be exchanged, sold, or given as presents. If all 960 spots are filled before January 31, the deadline can be pushed again, according to the organizers.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation will get 20% of all proceeds from the raffle, according to the collective. As a digital wallet that may be used to purchase and store NFTs, FEPO suggests MetaMask.

The group claims that this is all referred to as FEPO 001 and that, "with a little luck and if the community wants us, we will return for FEPO 002."