Author : Mark

Date : Jan 16,2023

The Azuki community was in ecstasy at hearing the news

As part of its first anniversary, Azuki introduces "Hilumia," a metaverse place for its users.

Chiru Labs, a Los Angeles-based firm that created the well-known NFT collection Azuki, has announced the opening of its own metaverse to mark its first anniversary.

Azuki The city of Hilumia, which was built by the community, stands for the company's past, present, and future. Azuki holders can now travel through Hilumia and visit a number of virtual places, such as Slowpoke's Toy Haven, Hill Hall, 56 Fitness Center, 9 Lives Arcade, and Moda. More places in the metaverse where people can submit ideas for the metaverse include the Golden Skate Park, Love Island, and Garden Express.

The Azuki community was in ecstasy at hearing the news, and today NFT Twitter was ablaze with their excitement. The floor price of Azuki has also significantly increased recently.

On January 12, 2022, 10,000 Azuki NFTs were initially auctioned out for one ETH apiece. The floor price for an Azuki NFT on OpenSea at the time of writing is 15.2 ETH.

Despite the crypto and NFT winter of 2022, Azuki is one of the most well-known NFT collections in the world. The project is still expanding and giving its users value. Numerous Chiro Labs initiatives have previously been covered by us.

Azuki and Red Bull Racing worked together in November to get Azuki NFT #8494 painted on the sides of two cars that participated in the season's final Formula 1 race in Abu Dhabi. "Lei the Lightning Azuki" is the moniker that the NFT has chosen.

It's also important to remember that on March 30th, Azuki #9605, which was listed on OpenSea, sold for a record-breaking 420.7 ETH. In the 10K Azuki collection so far, the amount represents the greatest payment for a single NFT. User jdizzles of OpenSea purchased Azuki #9605 for $1.4 million at the time of sale.

Many NFT initiatives, including high-profile collections like Azuki, had a rough and challenging year in 2022. However, it seems like the major players are making a comeback, and Azuki is positioned to be a significant player in the market. We at NFT Drops Calendar will closely monitor any advancements made in the Hilumia metaverse.