Author : Kenno

Date : Dec 01,2022

The selling of NFTs Non-fungible tokens is on a year on year uptrend.

NFT sales are increasing and there are two forms of NFT sale that happens one is when a new NFT is minted or created and sold at the same time and the other is secondary sales or transfers of NFT from one owner to another.

NFT sales can be tracked and are often tracked by NFT collections to give investors a view of the market in relation to their NFT. Opensea labels this as Activity and is easy to access the collections activity shows the number of transfers and price of those transfers. 

One can also check the individual history of an NFT. All the transactions and prices of sales and the fees paid are logged on the blockchain, easily viewed on Opensea or Rarible or any NFT trading platform.

NFT sales overall show growth. The sector has become worth billions in just a short period of time. With companies like Coinbase and Binance launching their own NFT marketplaces the sector is going to be accessible to more people in more countries and more blockchains.