Author : Kenno

Date : Dec 27,2022

The Swiss Digital Assets Institute is helping to support these projects

NFT devotees, celebrate! Another NFT minting alternative is now available to the market, and this time it coincides with the debut of Mintbar on the Hedera blockchain. As of late, the initiative has funded 12 additional projects in addition to launching Mintbar, a brand-new software for minting NFTs.

How Mintbat Operates

The HIP-412 standard will be the foundation for all assets created with the Mintbar, and as Hedera Hashgraph has noted, utilizing the app won't require any technical expertise. Furthermore, according to Hedera, the standard is compatible with the majority of important markets and may raise its profile in the NFT industry.

The Hedera foundation has additionally declared support for three project cohorts in addition to this. The Swiss Digital Assets Institute is helping to support these projects, which are in the areas of financial technology, insurance technology, green technology, agricultural technology, sports technology, media technology, decentralized applications, stablecoins, web 3.0, gaming, metaverse, and tokenization (SDAI).

The foundation will give $250,000 to startups, $750,000 to businesses, and up to $1,500,000 overall while encouraging the use of the Hedera network.