Author : Kenno

Date : Nov 30,2022

The Sandbox launches new map and dashboard

The map and dashboard of the Sandbox have undergone a significant update. This new Metaversal frontier's explorers may now navigate the virtual world with precision and ease.

Users may easily go through an overview of The Sandbox environment using the newly designed UI. It has never been simpler to take in the diverse surroundings and discover its locations. Users will now benefit from an incredibly quick refresh rate and greater zooming capabilities.

Various new features are included in the dashboard's improved experience. As a result, users may now view the location and price of LAND that is for sale and filter according to that. Users may also make an offer for the LAND by clicking on any occupied piece, which will also reveal the details for that parcel.

Although Sandbox has stated that a dedicated search tool is on the way, the new system does not currently include one. So, to find out more, follow The Sandbox on Twitter!