Author : Kenno

Date : Dec 19,2022

Football Ape Fan Club (FAFC) is motivated by renowned football players from all around the world.

A brand-new and interesting collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain, Football Ape Fan Club (FAFC) is motivated by renowned football players from all around the world. A sports metaverse is what the collection aspires to build. Additionally, four top-notch NFT projects with a sports theme will be available to FAFC holders for free within a year. These initiatives include the NFL NFTs, NBA NFTs, Baby FAFC, and Mutant FAFC.

How do I obtain my FAFC NFT?

Mint is available now: Mint Link | Go here There are four stages to the minting process, each with a different quantity of NFTs at a different price. In the beginning, 2,500 FAFC NFTs will be sold for 0.04 ETH apiece. As a result, the second phase will offer an additional 2,500 FAFC NFTs for 0.06 ETH apiece. 955 FAFC NFTs will be offered in the third phase for 0.08 ETH apiece. In the fourth phase, 955 FAFC NFTs will be made available for 0.1 ETH apiece.

As the World Cup Final approaches just before Christmas, the timing could not be more ideal. It is just one more reason to join the football craze, or you could even consider it as the perfect web3 Christmas present!

Owners of the Football Ape Football Club receive benefits.

FAFC NFT holders will be able to get free Mutant Football Ape and Baby Football Ape NFTs. There are only petrol fees being levied. For instance, if a person has one FAFC NFT, they are eligible to receive one Mutant and one Baby FAFC NFT free of charge. They are eligible to receive 50 Mutants and 50 Baby FAFC NFTs for free if they possess 50 FAFC NFTs.

FAFC NFTs are more useful than only PFPs because they have access to a variety of sports-related NFT projects. The collection seeks to establish an NFT metaverse, enhancing each NFT project. The 7,910 FAFC NFTs in total pay homage to legendary footballers, with the numbers 7, 9, and 10 chosen in their honor.

What was the genesis of FAFC NFT collection?

The love and passion for football serve as the foundation of Football Ape Fan Club. The collection also honors legendary football players. The FAFC collection honors the rich history and cultural relevance of football, featuring players like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo. The collection connects fans and collectors to their favorite sport by building a sports metaverse and providing a variety of NFT projects with a sports theme. Additionally, it offers a singular chance for fans to interact with and collect NFTs of their preferred football players.

Sports aficionados and collectors alike must own the Football Ape Fan Club collection. It gives you the chance to interact with and amass NFTs of your favorite football players, and it has the potential to be more useful thanks to the sports metaverse. Another incentive for collectors to join the FAFC is the chance to receive free Mutant and Baby Football Ape NFTs just for owning FAFC NFTs.