Author : Mark

Date : Dec 19,2022

Creators, digital designers, and architects can use the tools to create immersive spaces for mobile, desktop, and VR.

Spatial, a leading metaverse construction platform, has announced the release of its Spatial Creator Toolkit. Creators, digital designers, and architects can use the tools to create immersive spaces for mobile, desktop, and VR. Additionally, the Unity engine powers the creator toolbox. As a result, it can be used to build cutting-edge art and visual creative solutions. What can you actually accomplish with the toolset, then? Learn more by reading on!

What Is the Spatial Creator Toolkit?

With the help of the Spatial Creator Toolkit, digital artists can interact with and play in the metaverse's surrounding space using pre-made elements. This enhances the immersion and enjoyment of digital activities. Additionally, this is the first time a web browser can directly access this degree of visual quality. Fast load times, no download or installation necessary, and all that! Additionally, Sketchfab integration is now available with Spatial. This grants access to the largest library of 3D models and objects in the entire world. Thus, more customisation and imaginative experiences are made possible.

“Making immersive platforms easy and accessible for anyone to come in and start building, without prior knowledge in digital design, has always been an important factor in making Spatial the inclusive and open metaverse it is today. This toolkit will open doors for creators to make out-of-this world and exciting places to be, in just a few clicks. Our recent Hublot stadium had visitors spend over 75,000 minutes in the space in just three weeks.” says Jinha Lee, CPO and Co-founder, Spatial. “Creating professional-grade lighting would previously have taken a trained designer at least two days to achieve, and now anyone can do it in a click of a button,” added Anand Agarawala, CEO and Co-founder, Spatial.

Spatial has several releases this year in addition to the Creator Toolkit. These include social profiles, photo and video features, avatar dances, and emotes, in addition to in-room conversation. Additionally, it has made available via Ready Player Me a selection of unique digital fashion wearables and beauty trends. Working with companies like Tommy Hilfiger, Hublot, VOGUE, L'Oreal Professional, Maybelline, and The Fabricant were among Spatial's clients.