Author : Mark

Date : Dec 18,2022

A student from Dubai creates an NFT solution to authenticate clothing

Saad Abdullah was born in Sydney, but before settling in Dubai, where he has spent the last ten years of his life, he also resided in London and Riyadh. The 18-year-old claims that because of her multicultural upbringing and Pakistani origin, she was exposed to a variety of cultures, languages, and social mores that have influenced her day-to-day interactions.

Two years ago, inspired to create a better society and astounded by the influence that entrepreneurs had on the future, he developed a solution for an NFT marketplace that uses smart contracts in the blockchain to authenticate clothing. "At the age of 18, I have developed my concept with BNFT and am utilizing my own brand to demonstrate the applicability of this technology in the fashion industry. My goal is to create a platform that allows different brands to identify their goods and guard against counterfeiting," the Gems Dubai American Academy student who is enrolled in the IB Diploma Program and whose primary courses are business management, economics, and computer science, declares.

What sparked your interest in business and entrepreneurship?

I have always respected Elon Musk's ongoing efforts to advance technology and offer original solutions to a variety of issues. Numerous business owners started modifying their business strategies at the start of the pandemic to take advantage of the shifting global conditions. This intrigued me greatly since it demonstrated the significance of business solutions in resolving a range of issues that people encounter. I enjoy watching movies, and movies like The Social Network, Steve Jobs, and The Founder encouraged me to pursue an entrepreneurial career in order to discover how I could change the world with my own products.

Have you taken any more business-related courses or programs?

Yes. I completed a two-week internship with BECO Capital, a venture capital company in Dubai, during the summer of 2021. I was introduced to the UAE's "startup culture" through this experience, which also gave me first-hand knowledge of the financial aspects of new companies. Additionally, I was permitted to enroll in a two-week summer program at New York University in July 2022 in New York City. This curriculum focused on entrepreneurship and gave me insight into ideas like the entrepreneurial mind.

How do you envision your concept being put to use?

Many designer brands could profit from BNFT's platform because counterfeit markets have damaged the reputation of numerous companies all over the world and stolen billions of dollars in the sale of fake goods. Customers may distinguish between a real and fake goods by using a QR code shown on the physical design to link a designer product to an NFT, and thus adds another "angle" to the product in the form of the distinctive digital art that is linked to it.