Author : Mark

Date : Dec 01,2022

By the end of the year, BNB Chain NFTs will be traded on OpenSea.

BNB Chain, one of the largest blockchains by daily active users, will permit sales of its non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on OpenSea by the end of the year.

With this new implementation, BNB Chain producers who wish to display and sell digital collectibles on OpenSea's marketplace will be able to take advantage of numerous creator rewards, collection management, and other advantages.

According to Gwendolyn Regina, investment director at BNB Chain, "the integration will empower the creators and NFT initiatives inside the BNB Chain ecosystem, as well as attract a significant number of creators into the larger ecosystem."

The integration aims to lower gas costs, simplify signature confirmation processes, and do away with setup expenses. In order to reach more consumers, OpenSea also plans to use Seaport on multiple blockchains.

The BNB ecosystem supports more over 1,300 dapps from a range of industries, including blockchain gaming, metaverse, decentralized finance (DeFi), and NFTs. It unveiled a $10 million fund last month to promote blockchain development.

In order to keep its title as the largest NFT marketplace in the world, OpenSea announced in September that it would be extending support for other blockchains and languages. NFTs created on Avalanche, Optimism, Polygon, Klaytn, Solana, Arbitrum, and Ethereum are now supported on the platform.