Author : Kenno

Date : Dec 19,2022

Starbucks incentives and payment system was made into the envy of corporate America

The Starbucks incentives and payment system was made into the envy of corporate America by Adam Brotman. He now wants to assist all brands in modernizing their interaction with consumers.

Adam Brotman is a sneaker collector. He exclaims, "I'm fascinated with Nike Dunk SBs!" The person who designed everything from Starbucks' in-store Wi-Fi to its rewards and payment apps, the former chief digital officer, is also intrigued with how the cutting edge of digital technology can alter a brand's relationship with its best customers.

Brotman's knowledge of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain a few years ago was comparable to yours now. He understood, though, once he made the connection between his love of collecting sneakers and having a digital treasure. He tells Fast Company, "You gained my interest if you told me I could own a collection for my favorite brand but also had usefulness and allowed me other interesting things to have access to that brand."

That is the concept behind Starbucks Odyssey, a new digital experience the company developed with assistance from Brotman's Forum3, a startup he cofounded to help organizations understand and utilize web3. In an interview with Fast Company, Brotman, who is also Forum3's co-CEO, discussed the program, the problems with cryptocurrency speculation, and why he's so optimistic about the future.

Adam Brotma said

There is a lot of speculative activity going on in Web3, NFTs, and the crypto space. That's terrible in my opinion because the aspect that excites me is the acquisition, use, and ownership of a digital asset that serves as an access pass. You collect sneakers, why? You collect baseball cards, why? Fun is had. People are interested in it and wish to participate in it.

The typical person doesn't know what an NFT is and doesn't care, including myself not too long ago. Therefore, it is not about changing a term. In contrast to the speculative character of cryptocurrencies, it's just trying to describe it in a way that is more consistent with the use case that thrill us. The word "digital collectable" is more appropriate in this context because it is straightforward to comprehend and gets to the enjoyable and engaging aspects of collecting and owning things.

What Nike is doing, both with its recent purchase of the Rtfkt team and its upcoming plans for dotSwoosh, genuinely inspires me. My inspiration comes from NBA Top Shot and Dapper Labs, two of the first and best platforms in this field. I take a lot of inspiration from Bobby Hundreds, the Hundreds team, the Adam Bomb Squad, and the way they have conceptualized and approached NFTs as a culture and community.