Author : Kenno

Date : Jan 02,2023

The infrastructure of NFTpay can manage thousands of transactions simultaneously

The infrastructure of NFTpay can instantly verify IDs for thousands of transactions at once.

NFTpay, a Miami-based Web3 platform that enables non-fungible token (NFT) merchants to accept credit cards for NFT projects, now supports projects on the Polygon blockchain.

The addition of a credit card option for customers at NFT markets, generative NFT collections, websites that sell NFTs, and NFT makers is made possible by the integration of NFTpay. Few consumers who want to buy NFTs don't utilize crypto, therefore the service aims to onboard non-native cryptocurrency users to Web3. As a result, NFTpay makes it easier for both buyers and sellers to buy and sell NFTs.

NFTpay’s credit card has already been integrated with many existing blockchains, and now we are pleased to announce that we support the Polygon blockchain as well. Polygon has firmly established itself as the most promising Ethereum scalability project due to its highly capable development team. The expertise behind the team remains the driving force behind Polygon’s growth. We look forward to simplifying the lives of buyers and sellers,said an executive at NFTPay.

By providing the required project information and adding a single line of code, any NFT seller can use the service. The infrastructure of NFTpay can manage thousands of transactions simultaneously, and integration happens in under a minute. The technology supposedly certifies users properly and in a secure manner.

NFTpay also supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Algorand, EOS, Cronos, and Solana. Cardano and Casper are the next blockchains it plans to support.