Author : Max

Date : Dec 04,2022

Susie Batt, an executive at Opera, stated that the tool will not charge platform usage fees

The company said in a press release given to Cointelegraph that it has teamed up with Alteon LaunchPad to make it simple for newcomers to Web3 or the NFT market to mint NFTs. Users will have access to a feature that lets them dump media files into the browser, which then converts the files into NFTs by writing a smart contract and uploading them to a blockchain.

Susie Batt, an executive at Opera, claims that doing this will enable users to explore Web3 and participate in the ecosystem. Batt clarified:

"Now that there are no platform usage costs, our customers will be able to establish NFTs quickly and easily, enticing more individuals to learn more about the developing NFT market."

The team anticipates that users who have no prior knowledge with Web3 will be able to use the tool to access the Web3 economy. This implies that NFTs will be easier to produce by artists from various backgrounds.

The Alteon project, which focuses on streamlining procedures, is the one that offers the NFT minting tool. The objective of this integration, according to Matt Cimaglia, co-founder of Alteon, is to "level the playing field" for content creators from varied backgrounds. According to him, "our collaboration with Opera fills the technological gap between traditional creators and the Web3 creator economy, enabling everyone to take use of the opportunities that blockchain technologies present."

In order to enable users to access decentralized applications (DApps), games, and metaverse platforms, Opera released the Web3 browser's beta version for Windows, Mac, and Android on January 19. The project was able to enter the iPhone and iPad as of April 15.

With its most recent integration with a launchpad, Opera's dedicated Web3 browser known as the Opera Crypto Browser has entered the world of nonfungible tokens (NFTs).