Author : Kenno

Date : Dec 28,2022

AR fashion platform uses try-on technology to close the gap between conventional and digital fashion

The digital fashion business is anticipated to grow in a number of ways, including Metaverse Fashion Week, NFTs, wearables, and future retail sites. The most recent $15,000 NFTs from the CFDA with brands like Coach, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, and others, or the "digital couture house" Auroboros, appear to disregard the experiential component that high-end customers cherish. Premium customers haven't actually seen an increase in creativity, though. We occasionally appear to be floating in the same air following the declines in FTX and Bitcoin.

Digital immigrants in the minority behave differently. George Yashin's Zero10 2020 AR fashion platform uses try-on technology to close the gap between conventional and digital fashion. Alice Delahunt, a former digital executive at Ralph Lauren, will launch Syky in 2023. Xydrobe, based in London. We investigate a potential competitor who might alter your purchasing behavior.


"A physical venue and experience that will enhance your luxury apparel experience," claims "Zai-drobe" Xydrobe. Digital and physical components make up businesses.

Fiberglass spheres measuring 2.5 meters in diameter are called "Xydrobes." It's wheelchair accessible and good for men in the 99th percentile. seated or standing inside. Marketers can house smells or simulate an environment with a certain aroma thanks to the nine surround sound speakers, scent machine, temperature and wind machine, premium headset that detects eye movement, and other tools. Customers are guided through the digital experience by visual and audible cues.

Customers will have access to a distinctive landscape that the companies themselves have created within these Xydrobes, where they may learn about the brand's past, present, or future; nevertheless, it doesn't resemble a store at all. According to CEO Nell Lloyd-Malcolm, Wallpaper. It is completely up to them. Customers will have access to real goods like special editions sold only through the Xydrobe and other gems that can encourage a stronger bond with the company.

The appeal is broad. According to Lloyd-Malcolm, "at the moment, we are mostly working with and conversing with top-tier luxury businesses that span from fashion, jewelry, real estate, beauty, autos, and fragrance." "Every single one of our brands has responded positively to the traction we have thus far. For each premium vertical with numerous retail locations, eight founding brand partners have ordered Xydrobes (all currently under NDA). There are numerous confirmed firms for the 2024 "at home" headset application.

As a sibling brand of Xydrobe, Xylab—pronounced "zai-lab"—was established to accommodate the influx of requests from businesses for assistance with their increasingly complicated digital needs. The best venue for organizations to evaluate their NFTs, Web3 strategy, retail-based VFX content, and digital or LED experiences, according to Chief Marketing Officer Michael Pegrum, is Xylab.

Without the knowledge or assurance necessary, Xydrobe may create digital and sensory worlds for brands. Because they don't have have teams in place that operate in this kind of setting, the brands we have been working with up to this point have put a lot of creative faith in us, according to CBO Isabella Gallucci.

Who invented Xydrobe?

Amazingly creative and young staff at Xydrobe. Over ten years ago, CEO Lloyd-Malcolm produced the visual effects for Star Wars and Mission: Impossible. She began her work delivering coffee to Lupita Nyong'o's Maz Kanata facial motion capture artist at Pinewood Studios' visual effects division. The best VFX artists taught her. CBO Gallucci spent over seven years at Matches Fashion. The CMO, Pegrum, has worked for Vivienne Westwood and Perry Ellis for 15 years in PR and marketing. She has an international network of luxury.

Since meeting at Vivienne Westwood and a foundation course, the Shoreditch trio have been close friends for more than ten years. In the early spring of 2021, Lloyd-Malcolm proposed Gallucci and Pegrum her concept to merge Hollywood's VFX know-how and luxury fashion's longing for the future. She claims that everyone of us possesses special abilities that were essential to our three areas of competency.

What Comes After?

In the spring of 2023, customers and businesses in London will be able to test a prototype Xydrobe. The exclusive fashion launch partner will be a French luxury fashion house. In 2023, Xydrobes will be available in the UK, Europe, and North America. In 2024, a headset application for the house will debut, enabling multi-brand v-commerce from a couch.

According to Lloyd-Malcolm, "our ultimate goal is to create a kind of ecosystem within brands, assisting them to manufacture 3D assets at scale for a variety of uses that allows them to become more sustainable with the number of physical samples they are making." Digital product development has a favorable effect. "The ecosystem is crucial to us because it became very evident that for companies that engage with this on a long-term scale, we need to be able to develop something that's going to sit inside their own organizations using talent that they already have," according to the business.