Author : Kenno

Date : Dec 01,2022

A few tools first a NFT Calendar

Finding NFT Drops requires the use of a few tools first an NFT Calendar second a Twitter account and finally a Discord member account.     

With these tools, you can not only find NFT drops you can also delve deeper and research each NFT drop. The starting point is the NFT Calendar, from there you can see the upcoming drops and view their webpage discord and twitter.

Find an NFT drop is relative, easy researching however does take a little bit of time, first check the website if a project does not have a website then that is a red flag, website is easy to build these days and if the NFT project does not have one well that's just lazy or not caring enough about their NF drop.

Secondly, join twitter and check their posts and frequency of posting, essentially their activity and response from the followers. If you like a post, then retweet it.

And finally, join their discord, discord is a huge group chat system where you chat with real people live and it gives an insight into what the other members of the project are thinking and if they believe the project and NFT drop will be a success.

Checking and researching an NFT drop is a huge part and should not be rushed. One needs to be satisfied that all areas have been covered before minting begins.