Author : Mark

Date : Dec 20,2022

Forbes is effectively establishing a signature Forbes party setting in The Sandbox metaverse.

A holiday metaverse quest has been developed by Forbes in collaboration with The Sandbox metaverse. The 30 Under 30 Gallery, the history of Forbes, Malcolm Forbes' interests, and the brand-new Forbes will all be accessible to players through this. Additionally, gamers can buy premium Forbes wearables to delve into The Sandbox metaverse. More importantly, gamers that finish all the tasks will be eligible for a reward pool worth 50,000 SAND.

The cooperation between Forbes and The Sandbox is explained in full here:

Why did Forbes and The Sandbox collaborate?

With this collaboration, Forbes is effectively establishing a signature Forbes party setting in The Sandbox metaverse. Various tasks, a Forbes store, wearables, awards, and more make up the entire experience. Additionally, users will be able to speak with NPCs in the virtual world to learn interesting facts about Forbes They are also facing some difficulties!

Additionally, users will be able to socialize, make new friends, and form new ties in the Forbes hub. Players can dance a small waltz or go to a restaurant together! From December 14 at 3 PM UTC until December 28 at 3 PM UTC, anyone can attend the event.

The Sandbox and Forbes' NFT prizes and contest

First, a 50,000 SAND prize pool will be increased for players who finish all The Sandbox x Forbes tasks. Everyone who qualifies will receive it in an equal amount from the metaverse. Next, 400 Forbes VIP Balloon NFTs are up for grabs as part of a special promotion hosted by the two companies! Players must finish all the tasks, take a photo of their avatar in their favorite area of the Forbes center, and post it to social media along with holiday pleasantries in order to participate. Last but not least, a certain Forbes NPC in the metaverse is also providing a unique subscription bargain!