Author : Mark

Date : Jan 03,2023

The 9,999 zombie-themed, undead NFTs that make up the Deadfellaz collection

A zombie-themed 10K PFP project called Deadfellaz debuted in August 2021 on the Ethereum blockchain and soon shot to prominence as one of the most known and well-liked NFT projects available. Deadfellaz has established itself as a well-known brand in the NFT community by branching out to release follow-up collections and create brand collaborations in the process, with its founder emerging as a fervent supporter of Web3 values and artist empowerment. Here is an explanation of the eerie NFT project and the reasons it has been so significant to the area.

The Deadfellaz NFT project: what is it?

The 9,999 zombie-themed, undead NFTs that make up the Deadfellaz collection were inspired by a love of horror and a desire to close a gender gap in the PFP project community. The majority of avatar projects portrayed men in their artwork before the collection was released (and still do today). However, the Deadfellaz collection's NFTs are gender-neutral.

The 300 distinct attributes that make up the collection's NFTs are a mix of amusing and adorable characteristics, such as streetwear, the aesthetics of 1990s animation, and video game culture. Individual combinations of features, as opposed to particular traits alone, cause rarity. The collection's hidden characteristics aren't always listed but rather found.

On OpenSea, the project has completed over 31,377 ETH in sales volume, bringing in over $80 million. A Deadfellaz NFT is owned by over 6,500 people, sometimes known as "the horde," includes well-known people like Reese Witherspoon, Lionel Richie, Pussy Riot, Steve Aoki, Alexis Ohanian, and Gary Vee. Its current floor price is 0.82 ETH.

When did Deadfellaz begin?

In August 2021, two figurines going by the names of Betty and Psych began the collection. The collection and community affectionately refer to Betty as the "Horde Mother" because she made the decision to maintain her anonymity until mid-2022. When the couple realized that there weren't any other NFT projects on the market that stuck out to them, they decided to build their own.

Betty admitted to NFT Evening, "I didn't feel like I saw myself in anything that was offered." And I really believe that you should start by recognizing any gaps or things you wish existed before attempting to make those things a reality. Because if you're feeling that, I assume that others must be feeling the same.

S1 and S2 Deadfellaz Infected

Deadfellaz released collections of 186 and 83 Halloween-themed NFTs, titled Deadfellaz Infected S1 and S2, in October 2021 and 2022, respectively. S1 showcased works by 13 local artists, including Colin Eagan (Clon), a member of the Cool Cats, as well as Ghxsts, Stephy Fung, Smoochies, and MarktheHabibi. The Deadfellaz artwork for S2 was done by Psych and was influenced by a variety of artists, including ThankYouX, Yosnier, Claire Silver, Shinsei Galverse, The Haas Brothers, Emonee LaRussa, and others. Each artist produces a piece in their own unique style that is inspired by Deadfellaz, and in exchange, Psych crafts a Deadfellaz NFT that is motivated by the artist.

Horror Betty Pop

In October 2021, the project released a limited-edition Betty Pop Horror compilation alongside Deadefellaz Infected S1. There were 225 NFTs in the collection that depicted Betty as variously interpreted versions of well-known horror icons from popular culture.


Deadfrenz, a companion project with 13,000 NFTs that complements the original collection and promotes gameplay, was released in February 2022 by the Deadfellaz crew. These "ex-zoo animal" NFTs include zombie tigers, birds, bats, rabbits, and other animals. According to the Deadfellaz blog, the core emphasis of the project will be a play-to-earn NFT trading card game that serves as the foundation for "many interrelated Deadfellaz gaming and media IPs."

Partnerships and brand alliances

Deadfellaz and United Talent Agency (UTA) signed a contract in April 2022 to collaborate on the expansion of the brand IP into merchandising, live events, and gaming prospects. In the same month, they collaborated with Gilson, a manufacturer of snowboards and skis, to give Deadfellaz owners the option of ordering a snowboard or a set of skis with artwork from the Deadfellaz NFT on them. In order to highlight partners and artists from the Deadfellaz ecosystem, the crew has also teamed with the luxury fashion and streetwear NFT collectibles website neuno.

The Web3 battle for artist empowerment

Betty has established herself as a leader of artist empowerment and Web3 values outside of the Deadfellaz project by being one of the NFT space's main voices in the struggle to save creator royalties. "Remove [royalties], and we must once more rely on institutions. It strips us of our authority, disproportionately harming marginalized creators. She stated during a panel at The Gateway: A Web3 Metropolis by nft now and Mana Common that she was there to defend and support those folks.

When OpenSea announced that it was thinking about doing away with royalties enforcement on its platform for existing collections, Betty's role as a beacon for the community to rally around properly emerged. Betty is a frequent critic of practices from platforms and projects in the space that disenfranchise artists and builders.

When an artist's work is sold on the secondary market, they may choose to receive creator royalties, also known as creator fees. They often represent a small portion of each secondary sale, but they have made it possible for artists to support themselves through their work, enabling them to continue adding value for the larger market. They are one of the main factors that have contributed to the Web3 space becoming what it is today, although they aren't legally required; platforms and community members can choose whether or not to uphold them.

This is why it was startling to see OpenSea flog the idea of reversing the enforcement of royalties, even as its current collections may have contributed to the platform's recent success. Betty helped spark the NFT community's first unionization drive in reaction to the proposed plan by inviting community members to gather under one roof and debate how they could come together under a single, guided flag. She mobilized the community, and after receiving a barrage of criticism from the most well-known members of the NFT community, the platform changed course and declared it would continue to impose royalties for its current collections.

Future of Deadfellaz

Expect Deadfellaz to leverage its IP into the gaming and merchandise industries in the future by building on its current connection with UTA. For instance, its December partnership with Wrangler surprised locals with a denim jacket inspired by the Deadfellaz at the end of the year. Like many other projects, it has abandoned the notion of a roadmap in favor of regularly updating its blog and its Discord server. Keep a look out for the project's DAO, DAO OF THE DEAD, in 2023, according to the creators.

Overall, Deadfellaz has brought creativity and playfulness to the NFT community, whose leaders are dedicated to upholding the Web3 spirit. That's something the entire NFT field should celebrate as the foundational elements of that mindset continue to go through an industry-wide stress test.