Author : Kenno

Date : Jan 04,2023

Each day, the top 5 players can unlock Hero Cards

Top players will receive Dark Country Rewards as limited-time NFTs. A Daily NFT award has been added by the developers of the play-to-earn game for the top 5 players. The awards will range in rarity, with the top spot receiving significant benefits. Dark Country also keeps enhancing the ecosystem, fostering interactions that will maintain players' interest.

What Are The Rewards Of The Dark Country?

Each day, the top 5 players can unlock Hero Cards. In actuality, the winner will get an Epic Card on weekends and a Rare Card during the week. Not to mention, it appears that the winners of positions two through five will all receive Common Hero Cards. These cards are crucial to the gameplay of Dark Country and can net players a ton of extra rewards.

The Dark Country Game: What Is It?

A collectible card game called Dark Country includes play-to-earn elements like tournaments. Players can further increase their influence by funding quests through the land interaction. Players receive consistent payouts due to this impact. Influence, though, is constantly waning. In any case, the WAX network will enable Hero Cards to be used by players for activities like land staking as a result of the announcement.

What Is The Dark Country Game?

Play-to-earn components like tournaments are included in the collectible card game Dark Country. By contributing to quests through the land interaction, players can further strengthen their position of power. This effect results in consistent payments for players. However, power is always ebbing away. In any event, the announcement will make it possible for gamers to use Hero Cards for tasks like land staking on the WAX network.