Author : Mark

Date : Dec 26,2022

Royal Caribbean customers a pleasure in both the virtual and actual worlds.

If you enjoy taking cruises, there's a good chance you've heard of Royal Caribbean, one of the largest cruise ship operators in the world. It has traveled all across the actual world, but now it is setting sail for the Metaverse.

According to sources, the business has confirmed its own NFT-powered virtual reality platform, known as the "Wonderverse."

Immerse Yourself in the Wonderverse

All signs point to the Wonderverse giving Royal Caribbean customers a pleasure in both the virtual and actual worlds. Users can use their avatars to tour a Metaverse recreation of the company's ships on this website.

Customers can explore four distinct locations while on the ships and take part in mini-competitions and activities. The experiences people have on virtual cruise ships will be similar to those they would have on actual cruise ships.

Additionally, this will be a channel for the Royal Caribbean corporation to update customers. Basically, creating a billboard within the Metaverse that informs users of forthcoming trips they can sign up for It goes without saying that this is one of the most ambitious deployments of the Metaverse by a travel and hotel organization that has been observed thus far.

Michael Scheiner, the Chief Marketing Officer of Celebrity Cruises, a brand run by Royal Caribbean, said, "We've reinvented cruise ship design and now we're redefining where cruise ships are experienced."

This comes after the business successfully launched an NFT drop months prior.