Author : Mark

Date : Dec 29,2022

The Chinese word BO, which means "precious wealth," and the word AX, which stands for "Asian Exchange,"

The name BOAX will now be BO.AX. It is a well regarded metaverse business that provides full-service solutions to business customers and NFT collectors. With the expansion of their BO.AX brand, the new logo will be unveiled.

BO.AX has grown quickly in recent months. The company has updated its name and logo to reflect its metaverse-friendly direction—compliance, integration with Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN), and a focus on the fiat-denominated digital assets industry—and to indicate its corporate identity and dynamic future. Neptunity is a brand-new non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace that was developed by the BO.AX team. It is located in the British Virgin Islands ("BVI") and is community-run. It will permit several chains and give web3 and NFT initiatives priority.

After many enjoyable brainstorming sessions, the BO.AX team created a new logo that reflects their new mission and growth strategy for the metaverse era while staying true to their original objective of democratizing the arts and antiques market by creating a distinctive ecosystem with industry stakeholders in Asia and beyond.


The Chinese word BO, which means "precious wealth," and the word AX, which stands for "Asian Exchange," are combined to form the word AX. BO stands for "buyer's option," which indicates that their clients will have the choice of choosing whatever digital assets are best for them. Asian Exchange emphasizes the purpose and market for promoting Chinese and Asian art and culture in the age of the metaverse.

The first bank-backed NFT Marketplace has been developed by BOAX. It is supported by Bank of Asia (BVI), a bank with a BVI license that supports digital assets. The emphasis is on working together with Master Artists and well-known individuals with compelling tales to convert their artwork into new digital media in the form of NFTs.

Additionally, BO.AX is one of the founding members of the Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) Spartan Network, a global public infrastructure network that offers blockchain services devoid of cryptocurrencies.

BO.AX has altered its brand identity and redesigned its official website ( The new website has a contemporary, understandable, and well-structured design that enables users to access their NFT market and examine their most current tokenized pieces of art, or NFTs.

BOAX has a vibrant, forward-thinking culture, which is represented in the company's new logo and website ( As we work to offer cutting-edge NFT trading solutions to the current and potential clients, they are also meant to encourage and inspire our staff.


Awarded metaverse company BO.AX offers complete solutions to business clients and NFT collectors. The first bank-backed NFT Marketplace has been launched globally by BOAX. It collaborates with Master Artists and well-known individuals to convert their works of art into new digital formats known as NFTs and is supported by an offshore financial ecosystem that is receptive to digital transactions. BOAX is based in Hong Kong and aims to profit from the vibrant international art market where East and West converge.