Author : Zack

Date : Dec 01,2022

Engine manufacturer, has submitted an application to register its emblem.

According to trademark lawyer Mike Kondoudis, BMW, a well-known German auto, motorbike, and engine manufacturer, has submitted an application to register its emblem for non-fungible tokens as well as virtual worlds.

Its applications include "downloadable computer programs" that feature vehicles, toy vehicles, vehicle parts, and accessory artwork, as well as downloadable multimedia files including these elements.

These objects are intended for usage in more expansive virtual reality settings. Users' VR headsets or glasses might theoretically be used to imitate the operation of land vehicles.

The German auto giant has also registered its emblem as a trademark for use in online retail services for virtual cars, virtual automobile parts, and various accessories.

The well-known company has previously ventured into the Web3 space. BMW made the decision to preserve the sound of its engine roars in February, and the result was a collection of NFTs that were displayed in a "Museum of Sound" on the OpenSea marketplace.
They were printed on eco-friendly Polygon paper.