Author : Mark

Date : Dec 28,2022

Owners of The Titan War NFTs are rewarded in a special way by the Titan War project

The Titan War is a brand-new NFT offering from TTW Labs that combines a gamified stakes program with a selection of NFTs.

The NFT segment is a significant component of this new world, which is likely to have continued rapid growth in the Web3 market. The fact that NFTs may already be used as a collection object and a digital media is a remarkable advancement in the NFT industry. NFTs alter the way we envision the future of entertainment, including gaming, media, and art.

The TTW Labs goal is based on the idea that NFT owners ought to be able to benefit from their NFTs. In light of this, TTW Labs is developing a new solution that offers users numerous NFT usage options. Owners of Titan War NFTs who participate in the staking program and play the online game can benefit from their NFT investments.

Twelve Titans and twelve Olympians with various qualities will be among the 9744 NFTs that will be available for purchase at the OpenSea NFT marketplace starting in January 2023. Twelve drops of the Titan War NFTs will be distributed, with the more common Titan and Olympian traits being distributed first and the more uncommon traits being distributed last.

Owners of The Titan War NFTs are rewarded in a special way by the Titan War project. Titans and Olympians will battle for staking payouts and depreciating TTW tokens. The quantity and rarity of Titan and Olympian NFTs staked during the staking period, as well as the staking APR, will determine the amount of the staking reward.

Those who meet the requirements will receive free TTW tokens as part of an incentive program for The Titan War NFT owners. Owners of TTW tokens will be able to make strategic choices regarding The Titan War project, purchase The Titan War NFTs at a reduced price on the TTW NFT Marketplace, and participate in the next "The Titan War: Second Titanomachy" game.