Where do you buy an NFT?

You can buy an NFT from marketplaces such as Opensea, Rariable, Coinbase NFT. however each one has its differences.

Where do you buy an NFT?

Lets go over the most common NFT marketplaces where you can buy an NFT.


Yes, Opensea is the world's biggest NFT marketplace and has a huge trading volume and user base. Almost all NFT’s it lists are on the Ethereum and Polygon Mattic blockchains. 

Whilst it is the world's biggest it only caters to two of the NFT blockchains and payments are either in Ethereum, WETH which is wrapped ethereum or Poylgon Matic. One might take the view that other blockchains are not big enough just yet to consider them and 80% of the NFT volumes are on Ethererum.


Similar to opensea the platform has a large collected number two in the NFT marketplace space, has a loyal user base and lists more NFT blockchains and more payment methods. You should definitely consider them as they are a very reliable player in this space.

Coinbase NFT

Coinbase makes the list purely due to the size of their cryptocurrency exchange which is the world's biggest publicly traded exchange. They recently launched and yes they have a huge collection of NFTs available. Their trading volume is small at the moment but the world's biggest cryptocurrency exchange will be able to make a move into the NFT market. I expect them to have a reasonable market share in the coming months.

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