Where can I find out about NFT drops?

All about NFT Drops, how to find the juicy ones, what to check and what to look out for. All revealed in this blog post.

Where can I find out about NFT drops?

If you're reading this then you should have Metamask wallet setup and some Ethereum ready to mint your NFT. Metamask and Ethererum are the two most popular used for minting NFTs, yes there are other blockhains like Polygon and Binance but Ethererum is where it all started and to date is still the most popular platform for NFTs.

When it comes to finding NFT drops there is no shortage. The issue is weeding out the poor quality ones and picking the high quality to the moon projects. So let's get started, we are going to do this step by step.

Step 1: Check NFTCalendar.wiki upcoming drops also check some other calendars. What you're looking for is to give a rating to the upcoming NFT drops. The rating is on these areas:

  • Art Work
  • Road map
  • Website quality
  • First time drop or Follow up to existing collection

Does art work matter? Given that people pay millions for the most ugly apes one has ever seen…well it’s subjective I guess, so let you decide what's nice art work.

A road map is important. This will outline if the people behind the NFT drop have really thought about their project, Red flags include, Donations made to charity, Raffles for cars or holidays, random winning of ethereum lottery style. If the NFT drop has any of these types of gifts or bonus things, close your browser tab and walk away.

If on the other hand the roadmap is listing technical items like Metaverse, Avatars, Play to earn game, Airdrops, Whlitelist entry into future drops, these are all technical and very possible and are good roadmap points.

Website quality is something I look at. It will show if the company has invested in the branding and also reading all the text will highlight how they think. A good website is a must and there is no excuse not to have a good website, so those NFT projects that have no website and just social networks are a red flag.

First drop or Follow up drop, this is important a second drop is very good it means the team behind the project are invested in the projects future so much so that they followed through with another drop, we have seen this this with BAYC and Mutant versions and more Azuki and they then followed up with Beanz.  

A follow up or second drop is good unfortunately most of the time these are rewards for existing holders but does not mean you can’t get one. Be active in the community and you may find yourself on their whitelist. If you get a chance to get it, then get it, no need to overthink this one.

Overall finding NFT drops requires frequently visiting NFT Calendar sites and being active in the community after you have done some basic checks that I have listed above. There is no guarantee any NFT will fly to the moon, or cash and burn. You just need to do your best in watching out for the red flags.

Added : 19th April 2022, Author NFTCalendar.wiki