What's the next big NFT drop?

The next big NFT drop is just around the corner, how to find the next big drop is the real question.

What's the next big NFT drop?

So there are a few methods to find the next big NFT drop, let's go through them one by one


Yes twitter is full of information and #NFT is a big hashtag that has millions of posts. Tens of thousands per day are using this one hashtag so setup your twitter to follow #nft and see what people are following and retweeting, look out for big numbers and check the feed often.


Discord has become the standard for community building. The platform made famous by gamers has become huge in the NFT drop space having a discord account is a must for NFT investors. It's free, does take some getting used to but once you're in you understand how to navigate and jump from one community to another. Communities are held together on servers so each community has its own server, a very powerful platform.

NFT Calendar

And of course NFT calendars in particular this one NFTCalendar.wiki. Check the featured listings they projects are actively marketing their NFT drop so one would expect a greater response than just social media response. An NFT drop with added marketing have had good results, the added investment in marketing brings new members to the community.

Added : 4th May 2022, Author NFTCalendar.wiki

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