What NFTs are minting soon?

NFTCalendar.wiki shows upcoming NFT drops and the exact date and time they are minting. Minting is when the drop is live and open to purchase from the creators collection.

What NFTs are minting soon??

NFT Calendars are usually listed in date and time order, important note is to check the timezone most are set to drop using the UTC Timezone.

Checking which NFT are minting soon is an ongoing and time consuming task, yes you can simply check the NFTCalendar.wiki upcoming NFT page but that is not enough you also need to check that the project itself is on schedule in order to this one must check the social channels of the project.

When a NFT is minting is just one question but many more need to be asked and answered before you decide to mint and invest into the NFT project. 

You should check the social activity, join the discord chat, and be involved in understanding what the project is doing. Never do a blind mint based on hype “do your own research” DYOR is a phrase used in investing for many years. It is very true and applies to NFT minting.

So the next time you ask a question when the mint is, ask yourself did you DOYR?

Added : 26th April 2022, Author NFTCalendar.wiki

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