What is the NFT calendar?

NFT Calendar is an essential directory listing of NFT launch events called drops, we cover the latest drops and show the active drops that are happening right now in the marketplace. Everything from Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Binance and many other blockchains are listed.

What is the NFT calendar?

We feature the latest launches from around the globe, on the most popular blockchains including omnichain layerzero technology.

Our mission is to provide accurate, up to date information relating to the NFT marketplace with a focus on quality calendar events, and provide support to creators and contributors of the greater non-fungible vision. Helping take you on a long journey to discover more about NFTs, their advantages and how they are shaping the future world of digital ownerships, art, music and smart contracts.

There are helpful guides and advice on what to check for on NFT drops, all in all NFT Calendar such as this one, are there to guide high-lighting events that you may wish to consider and bringing you the most uptodate information 

Working together with companies to provide a global directory listing of NFT drop events, we hope you enjoy our free NFT calendar.

Added : 18th April 2022, Author NFTCalendar.wiki