What is the next NFT drop?

The next NFT drop is usually not far away. There are many NFT drops happening throughout the day.

What is the next NFT drop?

The next NFT drop can be quickly checked on the NFTCalendar.wiki site under the upcoming section. The list shows the drops in date and time order. Check for the next NFT drop is just that easy its a list and other calendar websites also operate in a similar manner.  

Having an up to date NFT calendar is very important. They provide a window into the marketplace and give you quick links to drop sites, discord and other social channels. 

With the use of a calendar the next NFT drop is easy to check and can be done at any time.  

Researching the next NFT drop however does require a more focused approach checking the social interactions on discord, following their twitter, and reading through their roadmap. More advanced users even check the smart contract.

Finding the next NFT drop is easy but will it be one you're willing to invest in requires due diligence and through investigation. That being said, there are some notable creators and projects that have amassed a huge following. These NFT drops are difficult to get during the mint time and are often picked up after the mint on platforms like opensea. 

The secondary market is huge and even if you miss your next NFT drop you can always pick up an NFT on the secondary market.

Added : 3rd May 2022, Author NFTCalendar.wiki