What is an NFT drop?

NFT drop is when a new collection of NFT art is being introduced to the world. Creators have completed the art and are now ready to drop i.e launch their project.

What is an NFT drop?

A NFT drop is an exciting time. There is a buzz on the social channels like discord and twitter and frenzy in the air. All the hard work creators and engineers have put in over months will finally be released to the public. 

Similar to art gallery exhibitions an artist would spend months creating art and finally the big day arrives for when they are able to showcase their work.  Investors and collectors go to the gallery opening and see the art ready to take home a new masterpiece.

NFT Drops are the same thing, just a digital version of the real world event. The buildup is global, the audience is prepped and waiting and when the drop is live it starts in an instant like opening the doors to a queue of shoppers.  The difference being they can all come in at once.

Some NFT drops are over in minutes. Some last for weeks, that's not to say the art or project is a failure.  What makes a good drop is essentially a good project and sometimes people need to see the project unfold for a period of time, before they invest. 

Added : 8th May 2022, Author NFTCalendar.wiki