Author : Mark

Date : Dec 29,2022

Yuga Labs and Improbable have collaborated to improve the Avatar experience

Otherside, a BAYC Metaverse project, has announced that its second trip will take place in late March 2023! Over 5,000 users were signed in at once for the initial Otherside journey, which introduced the Apes to their Metaverse. Along with Curtis and Blue, the BAYC mascots, they also battled a huge Koda. Voyagers will continue onto the Otherside with more journeys, possibilities, and lasting metaverse experiences, Yuga Labs said yesterday. Continue reading to find out more about the 2019 Otherside excursion!

What Yuga Labs Has in Store for the Second BAYC Otherside Trip?

The second Otherside trip will have new landscapes, new dynamics, and even a rise in users over the first trip, according to a Yuga Labs official announcement. More gamification choices, mechanics, and exciting entertainment are promised by the developers. Users will be able to sign up for Otherside, connect their wallet, and then begin playing as their NFTs right away in the second segment. In the near future, owners of BAYC, MAYC, or Meebits shouldn't have any trouble playing as their own distinctive avatars. The following excursion will probably take place in a Bonedeed desert map. The quest for a "glowing, pulsing stone" will be followed by Curtis, Blue, and a Voyager in the adventure. In addition, more people are moving to Otherside.

Additionally, Yuga Labs and Improbable have collaborated to improve the Avatar experience on the Otherside Development Kit (ODK). This toolset enables designers to construct and personalize their avatars. The ODK will give users new tools for modifying, creating, and interacting with their environment in addition to avatars. The toolset also incorporates a variety of game styles. These new mechanisms and equipment will make it possible for Otherside to be open considerably more frequently.

While more information on using customized NFTs to reach the metaverse has not yet been disclosed, Yuga has noted that the game will also feature a flying mechanic. simply because. Follow Yuga on their official Twitter to stay up to speed with all the newest news.