Author : Mark

Date : Dec 27,2022

Unveiled at a private event in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The Six Elements, the most recent edition of Rolls Royce's custom Phantom line, is now available. combining this spectacular collection of vehicles with a selection of premium NFTs unveiled at a private event in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Here are the fascinating factors behind this limited-edition launch.

There are just six Phantom Extended Series II vehicles in the entire group. The hand-painted designs on the cars were created by renowned British artist Sacha Jafri.

Each car will have a unique digital token that may be sold separately to raise money for charities. The contemporary paintings by the artist Jafri have won praise and may be found in prominent art museums all over the world. Jafri has also won prizes for his artistic creations and humanitarian work. With his "On the Wings of an Angel" work in July 2021, Jafri set records for the most open-edition NFTs sold in under a minute.

Each vehicle in the series not only boasts incredible artistic design but also represents one of the five basic elements: Earth, Wind, Air, Fire, and Water. Plus one more component, Humanity, which alludes to Jafri's well-known piece "The Journey of Humanity." Each vehicle also has a number of unique components that showcase Rolls Royce's exceptional elegance.

These high-end Rolls-Royce NFTs could have a significant impact on the luxury auto brand market by inspiring additional companies to collaborate on Web3 initiatives.

Will there be further luxury automobile NFTs after this one?

This magnificent undertaking exemplifies some of the world's finest examples of luxury and creativity. This is not the only automaker that have entered the NFT market. However, it's possible that other luxury car manufacturers will enter the NFT creation market as a result of Rolls Royce's stellar reputation.