Author : Mark

Date : Nov 30,2022

Sheikh Hamdan, Dubai's Crown Prince

Sheikh Hamdan, Dubai's Crown Prince, has approved the Dubai Metaverse Strategy


Sheikh Hamdan, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai's Higher Committee of Future Technology Development and Digital Economy, has approved the newest phase of the "Dubai Metaverse Strategy". This strategy aims to strengthen the digital economy in Dubai, making it one of the world's top metaverse economies.

The next phase of the metaverse plan was approved at yesterday's meeting of the Higher Committee of Future Technology Developments and Digital Economy. A "particular focus" on the metaverse was emphasized by the Crown Prince, whose committee sought to advance technology and futurist sciences with new and innovative ideas.

Sheikh Hamdan has already approved four major Web3 strategies designed to encourage innovation and digital growth in Dubai. In this program, they study how the metaverse can be used for governmental functions, conduct research to determine the social advantages of the metaverse, and develop a strategy for implementing the metaverse services that they will present to the council for its approval.


During the next five years, Dubai Metaverse Strategy will boost the economy of the emirate by $4 billion and create 40,000 virtual jobs. The Dubai Government Media Office was the first to announce the news on the most recent phase of the plan.