Author : Kenno

Date : Dec 06,2022

Cryptocurrency wallet Phantom, based in Solana, is about to transition to the multichain future

Web3 integration is gaining ground, yet the fierce competition among the big companies forces ongoing change. As a result, by incorporating Ethereum and Polygon, the top cryptocurrency wallet Phantom, based in Solana, is about to transition to the multichain future.

The fact that the top Magic Eden NFT marketplace had linked with Polygon's MATIC blockchain meant that the revelation was not unexpected. Phantom, which has always interacted with the NFT platform, was unable to remain on the periphery of the general trend, especially as the top rivals, like the top Ethereum wallet MetaMask, continued to expand their cryptocurrency holdings.

Phantom wallet announced its plans to switch to multichain in a lengthy sequence of tweets on November 29. The post's headline stated: "One wallet for everything is about to come. We are happy to announce the addition of support for Polygon and Ethereum."

According to the following tweet in the feed, the most popular Solana wallet was "actually founded with the intent to go multichain towards Ethereum, and we have been hard at work for months developing a wallet that makes Web3 more cohesive for both users and developers."

While Magic Eden's Polygon integration helped bring the fast-developing web3 gaming industry to the public's attention, the Phantom wallet aspires to become an all-in-one, blockchain-powered tool for NFTs, games, and apps. In fact, the wallet's integration with Polygon and Ethereum brings it on par with the leaders and makes it compatible with important applications like OpenSea, UniSwap, Instagram, and others.

Phantom is now known to provide enhanced transaction previews, real-time alerts, round-the-clock live help, and simple contracts. Users have long wished for these functionalities. Following their release, the updates will make it impossible for scams, exploits, and the requirement for voluminous blockchain technical knowledge to occur.

Users will also be able to manage listings, burn spam tokens, and display NFTs on a variety of gadgets and devices thanks to the Phantom wallet.

Phantom's integrations with Ethereum and Polygon are now accessible in beta through the wallet's browser extension as well as its iOS and Android apps. The company's CEO, Brandon Millman, stated that the official meal will take place in the early part of 2023.

Although the precise release date of the huge update is yet unknown, Phantom's official website already offers a WL place for the new wallet.