Author : Zack

Date : Dec 28,2022

The "Adult Tik Tok" app has increased in popularity by more than a thousand percent during the last sixty days.

Swipeis is frequently referred to as "adult Tik Tok" by users. Even the founders of the business concur with the tagline. Anyone may share sexual films on this widely used app and profit from doing so. The software now aims to introduce the world of NFTs, bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies to adult entertainers.

"All we want is for content producers to make as much money as they can. Selling your first image or video as an NFT can be quite profitable, especially to a single person or small group, according to a recent blog post by a Swipeis representative.

Swipeis will soon begin offering a crash course on how to benefit from NFTs to its content producers. It includes a step-by-step tutorial on how to establish an advertisement on a favorite NFT marketplace that permits particular transactions.

How much can you spend on a naked NFT?

Although the value of non-fungible tokens can range from thousands to millions of dollars, OnlyFans has not focused on these markets. Despite the current market slump, Katie Cassidy has sold her nude digital "art" for $18,000 or more.

Despite being an amateur site, Swipeis' top performers are capable of outperforming Cassidy's achievements.

Swipees artists put a lot of effort into their work, claims the blog. We don't find it surprising when a person with excellent aesthetics finds a professional who will spend $5,000 on them. And they may only take their first picture or video once. This is a wonderful approach to make the occasion memorable: making these into NFTs.

Advancement of swipeis

The "Adult Tik Tok" app has increased in popularity by more than a thousand percent during the last sixty days. By the end of 2023, it plans to have a few hundred thousand registered users and potentially over a million pieces of content spread across many platforms.

Currently, only Android and Amazon FireTV users can use the app. By the first quarter of 2022, the development team plans to include more devices. Additionally, it will have a significant impact on user growth.

On Swipeis' official website, you can download it. It will be accessible in numerous app stores the following year.