Author : Mark

Date : Dec 22,2022

Titled "GM: Daybreak Around the World," will be released on January 17, 2023.

In collaboration with web3 studio and NFT platform, Snowcrash, National Geographic is releasing their genesis NFT collection, following in the footsteps of many other esteemed magazines. 16 images from all over the world of the dawn break are included in the compilation. Additionally, National Geographic photographers and digital artists took each and every image. Justin Aversano, Jimmy Chin, Delphine Diallo, Yagazie Emezi, Mia Forrest, and Kris Graves are on the list as well.

What is the NFT collection from National Geographic?

The first NFT collection from National Geographic, titled "GM: Daybreak Around the World," will be released on January 17, 2023. As they document sunrise around the world, 16 National Geographic photographers and digital artists come together. The collection will also contain 1888 NFTs honoring the year that National Geographic was founded to honour its 135th birthday.

The collection includes breathtaking images from the Byron Bay, Australia, coast, coastal Oregon, and Mount Everest's peaks. Even a photograph shot by Aaron Huey of the metaverse's first light is included. In essence, each photographer is conveying a different story with their images. While some chose the conventional documentary photographic route, others looked at the story possibilities the theme offered.

Who are the artists who are taking part?

The NFT collection was created by a total of 16 National Geographic photographers and artists. Others are well-established in the Web3 market, while some are new. The authors are Yagazie Emezi, Jimmy Chin, Delphine Diallo, and Justin Aversano. Other names on the list include Cristina Mittermeier, John Knopf, Ioulex, Mia Forrest, Kris Graves, Aaron Huey, and Ioulex. The list is completed by Renan Ozturk, Cath Simard, Ben Strauss, Tara Workman, Reuben Wu, and Michael Yamashita.

 “It is every photographer’s dream to shoot for National Geographic,” said artist Aversano. “…It’s exciting that through blockchain and NFTs, I am now able to showcase my photography and artwork with Nat Geo. It is a dream come true that will open doors for more artistic opportunities.”

Artist Workman stated that "Web3 and NFTs have increased the links of so many people worldwide. We are all coexisting in the same ecosystem for the sake of art, from those who are well-known to those who have never shared their work in public.
the NFT premiere of National Geographic

National Geographic is transferring its more than a century-old tradition to the Web3 world with its initial NFT collection. This is the organization's most recent initiative to support its creative community while also investigating novel storytelling techniques. As a result, each participating artist will blind dump 118 copies of their images on the Polygon blockchain as part of the NFT experiment.

The NFTs will be accessible beginning January 17 on Snowcrash, a recently developed platform that creates web3 apps and services. Anyone interested can buy NFTs with a debit or credit card; no cryptocurrency wallet is required. Finally, in the upcoming days and weeks, National Geographic and Snowcrash will divulge further information.