Author : Zack

Date : Dec 20,2022

A ground-breaking new game that features the first interoperable blockchain technology in the world.

The Illuvium Beta has been announced by Illuvium, a ground-breaking new game that features the first interoperable blockchain technology in the world. Illuvium Overworld, Arena, and Zero are three distinct experiences offered by this intriguing new game. In Illuvium, players have more control over their gameplay experience because they can play and own assets across numerous games.

Describe illuvium.

A free-to-play, open-world collection game, Illuvium Overworld is accessible on both PC and Mac. In order to become the most powerful Ranger, players can explore a broken world and gather resources while capturing Illuvials. Therefore, there is a lot to look forward to with the Illuvium beta.

Players must dodge lethal dangers and hunt for important resources, such as shards, gemstones, and consumables, that their drones gather in order to capture Illuvials. Players can make and improve equipment like boots, jetpacks, helmets, and guns with these materials. Improved players can move through the overworld and win more difficult encounters.

The ability to take Illuvials is granted to players who defeat other teams in battle. Then, these Illuvials can be used in arena combat or traded for cash on the Illuvidex market exchange. In order to increase their chances of winning in the arena and moving up the leaderboard, players must upgrade their equipment, weapons, drone, and illuvials. The exploration and gameplay of this section of the game are the focus of the Illuvium beta.

Illuvium Zero, a special game that enables players to create their own NFT land and gather fuel, necessary to enter higher-stage zones in Illuvium Overworld, is another option available to players in addition to Illuvium Overworld. Additionally, players can buy fuel on the Illuvidex market exchange.

Game Illuvium NFTs

There are two basic categories of illuvium NFTs: collectible and land. In the virtual environment of Illuvium Land, land NFTs stand in for hypothetical parcels of land. In-game fuel is provided by land NFTs and is utilized to explore more of the Illuvium Overworld. Illuvials that fight alongside you are collectible NFTs. As further NFT types are revealed later in the game's development, they will join. There has been no mention of interaction with previously owned NFTs in the Illuvium beta.

What Kind of Image Will the Illuvium Beta Have?

While you gather flora, mine deposits, and catch illuvials, explore the Crimson Waste's various regions. Climb the leaderboard to the top, upgrade M0z4rt to get the most out of your daily Fuel allotment, and update your Rangers gear.

To catch higher Tier Illuvials, test your deck in higher stage zones (S0, S1, S2, S3). The Overworld Private Beta is open to all players that have access to Arena: Private Beta 2.

Illuvium, one of the most eagerly awaited beta releases, provides a completely revolutionary gaming experience. Illuvium Overworld's gameplay is still entirely accessible to players who choose to play for free. So don't pass up the chance to be among the first to experience the gaming of the future.