Author : Mark

Date : Dec 01,2022

The firm wants to increase the use of Web3 by offering simple games with NFT collectible prizes for winners.

As NFTs have gained traction, an increasing number of games are utilizing crypto assets for tokenized economies and interactive in-game items. NFTs are the awards in a new startup's casual gaming platform, which is taking a novel approach to the market.

Burn Ghost is creating that, and the business today exclusively disclosed to Decrypt that it has raised $3.1 million in finance to carry out its plan.

Drive by DraftKings and the gaming-focused fund Bitkraft Ventures jointly led the seed round, which was finished in April. Pillar VC also contributed.

Burn Ghost will concentrate on making basic, approachable casual games with a skill element rather than creating strong, complicated games based on NFTs, which have irked some gamers. Trivia experiences will be among the first original games on the web-based platform, according to CEO and co-founder Steve Curran.

It's not just the Ken Jennings of the world who are going to play this and be brilliant at it, we feel like we've cracked the code on making it accessible to everyone, he said.

Top finishers in Burn Ghost's games will receive NFTs, including some that the company has purchased and others that were obtained through collaborations with NFT producers. Although users can earn credits by taking part in other completely free-to-play activities on the platform, players must pay an admission fee to play the games that award NFT rewards.

Although the platform will eventually take cash payments as well, the entrance costs will first be paid in cryptocurrency. Burn Ghost may also charge placement fees for projects that wish to show players their NFTs, and the platform may function as a marketing channel for creators looking to reach a larger audience.