Author : Mark

Date : Dec 13,2022

Using $5 million, In the center of Dubai.

Morningstar Ventures, an investment company that specializes in digital assets and blockchain technology, is launching its first interactive digital art gallery. '37xDubai' is situated in the middle of Dubai's commercial and residential district, in the Burj Daman Tower.

37xDubai focuses on web3 education, traditional art, digital art, entertainment, and community in order to bridge the gap between art and technology. 37xDubai will be much more than just a gallery thanks to a carefully curated collection of artwork and cutting-edge interactive experiences. 37xDubai will foster a world-wide community of fans of digital art through educational programs, exclusive events, and regular get-togethers.

By interacting with a fresh influx of web3 aficionados, featured artists will be able to take use of Morningstar Ventures and 37x's network and broaden their reach. The 37xDubai gallery's modular design enables frequent changes to the exhibits on display, keeping the workspace innovative and flexible for a range of ideas.

"The design and architecture of our gallery are highly advanced, equipped with cutting-edge machinery, interior, sound, and lighting infrastructure," said Clemence Cazeau, CEO of 37xDubai. To showcase the 37xDubai gallery and its shows in an unforgettable way to every one of our visitors, we have carefully and hand-picked every component of the space.

Danilo S. Carlucci and Arut Nazaryan, the co-founders of Morningstar Ventures, are two young businesspeople headquartered in Dubai who were early investors in web3 and have ties to the entertainment and luxury sectors. Early in 2021, the two met with Clemence Cazeau, bringing with her years of experience in the art world, including galleries and auction houses.

Between 2022 and 2028, the predicted growth rate for the global NFT market is 23.9%. In the UAE, 23% of the population owns at least one NFT, placing the country ahead of both Europe (8%) and the United States (2.8%). Recently, NFT or metaverse-related initiatives have been launched or showed interest in by MoMa, Sotheby's, and other institutional participants in the art scene.

The 37xDubai team is in the last phases of creation, and a variety of elite partners from the luxury, art, fashion, and lifestyle industries have already expressed interest. Early in March 2023, right before Art Dubai, 37xDubai will begin accepting visitors. The big opening's specifics will be made public in January.

Dubai 37xDubai

Dedicated to NFTs, web3 education, traditional art, digital art, entertainment, and community building, 37xDubai is an immersive and interactive art exhibition. 37xDubai is more than just a gallery; it aims to connect art and technology by displaying a carefully curated selection of artwork combined with digital experiences. CEO Clemence Cazeau is in charge of the innovative idea, and Morningstar Ventures, a web3 investment company based in Dubai, is supporting it. In Q1 2023, 37xDubai will open its doors in the DIFC neighborhood's Burj Daman Tower, the center of Dubai's business and lifestyle district.