Author : Kenno

Date : Dec 22,2022

After going on sale on December 16, United supporters have purchased over 750,000 NFTs.

Even if the World Cup is over, there is still a football fever spreading thanks to Manchester United's Tezos-supported NFT drop, which was a resounding success.

After going on sale on December 16, United supporters have purchased over 750,000 NFTs. It's doubtful that the digital tokens would slow down with just 24 hours left before the collection drop is over.

Six times as many contract interactions have occurred on the Tezos blockchain as a result of the demand for the free NFTs compared to the period before to the drop.

Last month, United initially revealed its intentions to introduce the digital collection and a brand-new metaverse platform on the Tezos blockchain. Supporters will be able to interact with the club, players, and fans all over the world through the club's new official Discord channel, which will be connected to everything.

The Premier League juggernauts claimed that the club was giving its fans throughout the world a present with the free digital collection. Future virtual and physical events and exclusive benefits require the NFTs.

NFTs come in three different varieties: Classic Key, Rare Key, and Ultra Rare Key. The Classic Key will guarantee that supporters have a chance to participate in raffles, drops, and hidden channels on the team's Discord server.

The Rare Key is an upgrade, and anyone who obtains one will benefit from exclusive deals and conversations with United legends. Any fan who is fortunate enough to obtain an Ultra Rare Key will not only receive all the advantages of the Classic and Rare Keys but also an invitation to Old Trafford.

Only the low cost of minting NFTs and the speed of transactions on the Tezos blockchain made it possible for the free NFT collection. However, United has stated that paid NFT collections would be made available in the future, giving supporters the chance to earn even greater prizes than with this particular collection.

Concerning Manchester United

Manchester United, an English Premier League team, was established in 1878. They are undoubtedly the biggest football club and most famous brand on the planet, with headquarters in Old Trafford, Manchester.

The club has achieved unmatched success at home, taking home a record 20 English championships and 12 FA Cups. They won the European Cup (Champions League) in 1968, making them the first English team to do it in Europe. Since then, they have won it three times. In their long history, they have also triumphed in the Europa League, European Super Cup, and European Cup Winners Cup.

On Tezos

A smart contract blockchain called Tezos enables programmers to build dApps like NFTs and other Web 3 applications. It was developed by Arthur and Kathleen Breitman, who also released it in one of the most successful initial coin offerings (ICOs) of 2018.

Earlier this year, Tezos revealed a multi-year, £20 million deal with Manchester United. The agreement assures that the blockchain brand Tezos is the football giant's partner as it makes its maiden entrance into Web3, with the Tezos logo appearing on the club's assortment of training kits.