Author : Mark

Date : Dec 07,2022

Ledger announced the launch of a new gadget called Ledger Stax.

In a press release shared with nft today, the digital asset security company Ledger announced the launch of a new gadget called Ledger Stax.

Ledger collaborated on the album with iPod creator Tony Fadell. The gadget has a curved E Ink display that shows users' preferred artwork even when the gadget is off.

Ledger Stax is scheduled for release in Q1 2023, however it can already be pre-ordered on In the upcoming months, Ledger will also make it accessible from merchants like BestBuy in the United States.

Ledger Stax connects to laptops via USB-C and to cellphones running the Ledger Live Mobile software via Bluetooth. It will also be able to connect to Web3 apps thanks to the company's planned cryptocurrency wallet extension, Ledger Connect. Wireless Qi charging is also supported by Ledger Stax.

Why it matters

At a critical juncture, Ledger is unveiling its new wallet. Both proponents of Web3 and critics are looking for ways to improve their security in the wake of the FTX crypto debacle.

According to the news statement that Ledger CEO and Chairman Pascal Gauthier provided with nft today, "With the Ledger Nano series, we produced the most successful digital asset security hardware of all time—with more than 5 million shipped and none ever compromised." Digital assets—not simply cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin—are becoming more and more about identity and digital ownership. The time has come for a gadget for more common people. At the same time, security cannot be compromised.

In comparison to earlier Ledger wallet iterations, the new wallet's UI is much more user-friendly and allows users to manage their NFT collection and more than 500 coins using a touch interface.

Each Ledger Stax includes an Infinity Pass that entitles customers to a free NFT with potential future use. A Ledger Stax NFT can also be purchased on Ledger Market to gain access to the company's network of hand-selected artists' exclusive NFT artwork. Holders of Ledger Market Genesis Passes are given unique mint-priority access to this piece of art.

In the news release, Tony Fadell, the creator of Ledger Stax and Principal at Build Collective, said, "Digging into Ledger's proven security technology and trying all the 'best' hardware wallets out there convinced me to build a next-gen device with Pascal, Ian, and the brilliant Ledger team." "We require an! A "user-friendly" solution to make digital asset security available to everyone, not just geeks.