Author : Mark

Date : Dec 26,2022

The next collection, which follows the successful debut of D: VERSE earlier this year

Diesel, a major global lifestyle and fashion brand, is expanding its web3 presence. presently through the collaboration with the HAPE NFT project's promotion. The next collection, which follows the successful debut of D: VERSE earlier this year, is already the second official Diesel NFT series.

Glenn Martens, Diesel's creative director, and Digimental, the founder and inventor of HAPE, collaborated on the upcoming NFT release. Diesel Genesis Hape, a Diesel ambassador within the Hape community, will serve as the collection's brand ambassador when it debuts in 2023.

Both the web3 brand and fashion stand to gain from the alliance. Diesel's position in the digital and NFT market will therefore be strengthened as a result of the collaboration, and HAPE will be better able to penetrate the web3 fashion market thanks to Diesel's well-known brand.

"The new generations' personalities and social interactions are significantly influenced by technology. According to Stefano Rosso, CEO of BVX OTB company, "We want to make fashion more open and inventive."

Fans can anticipate both virtual and tangible benefits from the upcoming Diesel x HAPE NFT line, such as the release of the renowned, limited-edition 1DR POD crossbody bag, says Rosso. Holders will also have access to special events and other community-oriented services.

With regard to the collaborative NFT collection with Diesel, Digimental claims that this alliance aims to create the future of digital fashion by influencing other web2 and web3 firms to adopt a common creative vision and foster community.

Other than the Twitter Spaces hosted by the two co-founders on January 25 at 12 am EST, no information on the actual minting date or other facts have yet been made public.