Author : Mark

Date : Jan 02,2023

On December 25, the DeGods and y00ts Twitter sites announced their plans to build a bridge off of Solana in 2023

Throughout the second half of 2022, the Solana blockchain's performance continued to decline, leading some of its most important players to look for chances elsewhere. In order to expand their horizons, only platforms like Magic Eden first revealed plans to go cross-chain. DeGods and y00ts, two of the most well-known PFP projects on Solana, have now declared their impending exit from the blockchain.

On December 25, the DeGods and y00ts Twitter sites announced their plans to build a bridge off of Solana in 2023, respectively. Despite sharing a parent organization, the two projects will (officially) part ways as DeGods bridges to Ethereum and y00ts to Polygon.

The justification for the action

While the most recent information might come as a surprise to some, it confirms months of animosity and rumors among the DeGods and y00ts community. The NFT space has focused on the projects' inventor Rohun Vora, also known in Web3 as Frank III, despite the lack of information regarding the timetable and methodology of the upcoming shifts.

Vora thanked devoted SOL collectors for their support in a video message to the Solana NFT community. He also said that he and his team had come to the conclusion that in order to advance, they would need to look into new possibilities. We think now is the right time to start a new journey and take a measured risk, said Vora. He ended the video by saying that further information and roadmaps would be released in early January, even though the joining of DeGods and y00ts is scheduled for late Q1.

Vora also took part in a Twitter conversation after his video, answering queries and elaborating on the announcement. He drew comparisons between blockchains competing to build the most reliable NFT systems and streaming services vying for intellectual property (such as Netflix and HBO Max). As he said, "It's sad to accept, but it's been tough to develop at the rate we want to grow. There's a case to be made that DeGods had peaked on Solana. If Ethereum is where we need to go to continue expanding, then that's what we must do.

What comes next for DeGods and y00ts?

The DeGods and y00ts migrations may appear straightforward in theory, but there will surely be challenges involved in moving such a prominent and large amount of data from one blockchain to another. Similar to that, every one will face particular challenges. The transfer of y00ts to Polygon will be managed by the Polygon Partnership Fund, according to a DeGods spokesperson who spoke to CoinDesk. However, the Ethereum bridge is unusual.

When projects choose to cross over from their primary blockchain (typically Ethereum), as Doodles is planning to do with Doodles 2, they sometimes do so using a layer two blockchain (Polygon for Doodles 2) while keeping the original collection on the primary blockchain in question. But the DeGods move will aim to totally transfer chains from Solana to Ethereum, bringing with it undoubtedly a number of challenges.

However, because DeGods is regarded by many as one of the most motivating comeback tales in the NFT industry, the community's support for this most recent action is likely to endure. While some may be naturally discouraged by the news, the expanding PFP empire led by Vora has only continued to flourish in its wake and has remained towards the top of the Solana NFT price charts.