Author : Mark

Date : Dec 27,2022

Yuga Labs collaborated with Warpsound from Authentic Artists to release music created by AI

Are you ready to amp things up? Meebits and Authentic Artists' WarpSound have collaborated on an NFT music CD titled "Meetbits Turn On."

The cooperation is the most recent stop on a never-ending, non-fungible journey. Larva Labs sold the storied Meebits and CryptoPunks collections to NFT pioneer Yuga Labs back in March. Then, at the beginning of November, it collaborated with Warpsound from Authentic Artists to release music created by AI. With the release of a game-changing NFT record, the project has now reached an exciting new phase.

'WarpSound's leading generative audiovisual music platform powers WarpSound artists and experiences. Real-time interactive live performances and totally dynamic original music are provided by this patented AI music platform.

The most recent result of the Meebits and WarpSound partnership is the NFT album "Meetbits Turn On." a unique digital product released under creative commons licence, guaranteeing that the album's content can still be used, shared, and remixed without restriction.

Wish to listen to the album?

Fans of music and NFT can stream the album for free on a variety of services, including:

Amazon Music
iTunes Music

Additionally, as of a December 20th snapshot, everyone holding a wallet with at least 1 Meebit NFT has until December 31 to claim a free (plus gas) ERC-1155 NFT. Giving owners a chance to maximize the value and utility of their priceless possessions.

Thus, as a challenging year comes to an inevitable conclusion, the world of NFT music continues to grow. The skilled and knowledgeable teams behind WarpSound and Meebits are responsible for the most recent Web3 innovation.