Author : Mark

Date : Dec 18,2022

Aston Martin to drop an NFT Collection.

On December 18th, 3,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) modeled on three of Aston Martin's most iconic vehicles will make their official Web3 premiere. Aston Martin is a British luxury sports brand. This is being done in conjunction with "The Tiny Digital Factory," a developer of racing video games, and "Infinite Drive," a metaverse game that allows users to acquire and race with their own virtual cars.

The three classic automobiles that Aston Martin will show off in its NFT collection are the Vantage V8 Coupe, Vantage GT3 Racing Model, and 1980 Vantage V8, which had an appearance in the fifteenth James Bond movie The Living Daylights. The mint will take place on the multichain NFT platform Magic Eden on December 18 (allowlist) and December 19. (public mint). Each NFT will cost 66 $MATIC.

Holders will have the choice to compete in Infinite Drive races using the "diecast" Aston Martin NFTs. The car models will faithfully reflect their real-world counterparts, even down to their racing propensities and noise levels. Currently in its Alpha Stage, Infinite Drive offers two racetracks and daily rewards.

Aston Martin worked with The Tiny Digital Factory to introduce its NFT collection because it trusted the idea of the metaverse business, claims Stéphane Baudet, CEO of The Tiny Digital Factory. The idea is to let players race and collect their favorite collectible cars, just like many did when they were kids with diecast cars.

The NFT collection from Aston Martin highlights how more automakers are entering the Web3 market. Despite the bad markets in NFT and cryptocurrencies, if the slide is successful, other businesses might follow.