Author : Zack

Date : Dec 22,2022

Narrative from Yuga Labs will conclude with a unique, interactive Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT mint experience

The much awaited "Trial Of Jimmy The Monkey" narrative from Yuga Labs will conclude with a unique, interactive Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT mint experience. The mint occurs for members of BAYC & MAYC in late January 2023. So what will this mint experience entail exactly? Let's investigate!

What Is The "Trial Of Jimmy The Monkey" BAYC Mint Experience From Yuga Labs?

The Trial of Jimmy The Monkey seeks to add to the web3 canon of the Bored Ape. The top web3 brand tweeted that a short film will serve as the basis for the new BAYC story. There will be "bits of the narrative released along the road," according to the official Twitter thread. Additionally, Yuga Labs advises its members to pay attention to the smaller things because they will become crucial later on in the story. Currently, BAYC is keeping this information to themselves. The project is "some really crazy shit," according to the Apes. And that is really all that is known at this time.

The conclusion and information on the unique mint levels are provided by BAYC in its official "Trial Of Jimmy The Monkey" announcement thread. Holders of BAYC or MAYC who simultaneously hold a BAKC are in separate levels. Separate tier benefits are given to standalone holders of either BAYC or MAYC, as seen in the illustration below.

There are a total of four separate tiers. A mutant ape is in Tier One, and a mutant ape plus a BAKC is in Tier 2. Tier 3 is also a Bored Ape. A bored ape and a BAKC dog make up Tier 4. Tier 4 is the highest-ranking tier in the group as well. These are the majority of the details posted on the Bored Ape Yacht Club's official Twitter account. You won't believe your eyes, the thread's final line reads.

Industry pioneers in interactive storytelling and metaverse experiences are Yuga Labs and BAYC NFT. It will also be worthwhile to wait for The Trial of Jimmy the Monkey. Grab some popcorn and check back tomorrow to see the short film! We are closely monitoring the story and will keep you informed as it develops.