Author : Kenno

Date : Dec 19,2022

The eight firms cover a wide range of technologies and have the same goal

To establish the Futureverse and launch the Open Metaverse Ecosystem, several Web3 firms merged. The eight firms cover a wide range of technologies and have the same goal of enhancing the Web3 experience through open initiatives. Protocols, payment SDKs, and animation studios are some of them. A fully developed open ecosystem with an enhanced content layer is what we want to build.

The Open Metaverse: What Is It?

The basic principles of Web3 are echoed in the Open Metaverse. The Futureverse companies place a strong focus on decentralization and feel that no one metaverse should control the entire experience. Instead, they observe a thriving ecosystem of many projects. The Futureverse is creating an open metaverse system as a result, which offers the framework for this form of communication.

Which Web3 Companies Merged?

There are currently 300 full-time Web3 employees working for The Futureverse. Aaron McDonald, Shara Senderoff, Marco Brondani, and Daniel Gillepsie are the co-founders of it. Altered State Machine, Non-Fungible Labs, Sylo, Centrapay, Centrapass, Immersive, Shadows Interactive, and Altered Phoenix are the eight businesses that joined forces to build the Futureverse. These businesses are the representative of a wide range of Web3 technologies, including animation studios and payment SDKs.

What's the Point of Futureverse?

You can be sure that significant changes are taking place when eight Web3 Firms unite. The Futureverse is laying the groundwork for a more decentralized metaverse experience with a path toward the Open Metaverse Ecosystem. one where no one person ends up controlling the entire conversation. As the environment changes, the Futureverse is one to keep an eye on.