Author : Mark

Date : Dec 29,2022

The Dust crew seems happy about the choice, if their tweets are any indication

For NFT initiatives centered in Solana, the exodus is underway as two of its prominent figures switch to Ethereum and its sidechain Polygon.

This is hardly surprising given how Solana and its native coin have struggled ever since the bear market started. The network has experienced numerous disruptions and has been severely impacted by FTX's demise.

The two initiatives are Y00ts and Degods, which are linking to Polygon and Ethereum, respectively. The transitions are scheduled for early 2023 for these two Dust Labs initiatives. Project manager FrankDeGods claims that it is a method to "explore fresh options." They are thereby "taking a calculated risk."

"The details of the bridge will be disclosed when it's ready & tested," tweets Y00ts. At this scale, it has never been done before. It needs to be airtight, that much is clear. A more official roadmap for y00ts: Season 2 will be made available in January.

The Dust crew seems happy about the choice, if their tweets are any indication. Another tweet from the Y00ts account features the phrase "coming for the thr00ne" alongside images of Homelander and Billy Butcher from The Boys staring at one another. The phrase "No. 1 ETH project and No. 1 Polygon project (Degods/Y00ts) engraved" can be seen on the video.

Nevertheless, the DUST token will transfer to both blockchains and continue to serve as a link between the two communities. Additionally, every point accumulated through holding relevant NFTs can be applied to a future launchpad.

Mixed Reactions Following the Transfer of 2 Major NFT Projects to Rival Blockchains

Within the NFT community, there were conflicting reactions to the news. Some people were thrilled, while others felt that Solana had been betrayed. Frank reassures the locals that the migration should not negatively impact the Solana ecosystem.

Following the news, DeGods' trading volume increased by more than 200%, while Y00ts increased by more than 240%.