How do I list NFT drops?

To list NFT drops you need to submit your listing on The process is a simple one page data entry describing your NFT drop.

How do I list NFT drops?

Listing NFT drops on NFT Calendars is a must and you should do so ahead of time. As you are aware there are many NFT calendars available and you should list as many as you can.

Listing a NFT drop lets investors know about your upcoming drop and specify details such as number of NFT items, price date and time of the NFT drop. 

Make sure you have a lightweight image or GIF ready to upload. Most calendars have file size restrictions so keep it under 1mb in size and also make sure the image is not noisy and moving too fast.  

Date and time are usually set in UTC timezone so convert your local drop time into UTC and list the same date and time on all calendars.

A note about Discord links, make sure the link you use is to your desired channel on discord and does not have any expiry. Social media links are also important such as Twitter and off course links to your website. When it comes to links make sure you use the same ones on all the calendars.

Uploading is easy and you will get listed in a matter of hours, if the response is slow just send them an email or reach out to them on their social channels.

Listing on calendars is easy, preparing your data sheet with contact information website and social links images and short description beforehand will speed up the process.

You can submit now to on this link :

Added : 5th May 2022, Author