How do I get my calendar listed on NFT?

In this section we talk about the different methods to get listed covering all the ways in which you can list on the NFT calendar. There are free methods to list on NFT Calendar and some paid promotions are also offered. Whilst it may feel like a good deal to take the free listing, beware that the number of NFT calendar events happening each day could make your drop event go unseen.

How do I get my calendar listed on NFT?

The best place to start is with having all the information and images regarding your NFT drop event ready to upload. As most sites have similar requirements, should you decide to list on other NFT calendar websites having the same information on them all is important, so it really helps having all the information ready in a google docs file. 

Here is the kind of information you need to prepare:

Name of NFT project

Description - between 20 and 50 words

The Drop Date and TIME - Time is usually in UTC format so google for the UTC timezome

The Number of NFTs 


The blockchain technology such as Ethereum or Solana etc

Images or and Gif if your making a Gif its a good idea to keep it under 1 MB

Social Media Links such as Twitter, Discord, Website, Instagram

If you have your smart contract ready you can share that URL

And finally your contact information.

Once you have this information typed up in a google doc file its will speed up the process of adding your NFT to the calendar and you will be able to list on calendars faster.

Should I do a paid promotion or free listing Calendar?

The answer to this question is on your budget and how you feel about marketing your project. You may not need it, however we have found that it can get 40x more interest with advertising a featured promotion. 

We found collectors who saw promoted marketing for NFT Calendar events had more confidence in the project's ability to sell out, which in turn resulted in a better drop event.

Added : 18th April 2022, Author