How can I get NFT for free?

NFT’s aka Non-Fungible Tokens are all the buzz during 2022, some are selling for millions of dollars, most are selling around the $300 USD. There are of course some ways to get a free NFT.

How can I get NFT for free?

There are some projects that are called ‘Free Mint’ . This is where you pay for the gas fee of processing the NFT mint and creating the token but pay nothing to the creator for the art itself.  

Free mints are common but most often not worth the gas if you are looking to make money from investing, free mints won't make it for you. If however you want to get started and learn the ropes about NFT mintings and selling then yes free mint is a low cost way to get into NFTs.  

Best place to check to free mints is twitter and search for the hashtags #freemint or #NFTGiveaway.

The other way of getting yourself a free NFT which is not listed as a free mint and has more of a chance of making money is to grind for it. That's right, actually earn it.

This means entering into discord chats, being active, contacting the discord mods or founders even and asking to be a mod or top level member in exchange for an NFT, but you have to prove your loyalty first by getting active on the discord chat,helping others and being positive about the project then perhaps you will be able to ask very nicely to be a moderator in exchange for a free NFT.  

The latter method is hard work but you will earn a NFT that has a real world value on day one rather than free mints that have no value on day one. You will also engage ore with other NFT buyers and build up contacts and relationships as you all have a common project at the core.  

Added : 26th April 2022, Author